Mercury Floors

According to the EPA, “Elemental Mercury and all of its components are toxic, exposure to excessive levels can permanently damage or fatally injure the brain and kidneys.” Pathways of exposure can occur through inhalation, absorption or ingestion. Regardless of the method, mercury exposure should be avoided at all costs.

Concerns related to mercury in gymnasium flooring materials are related to airborne vapors, which are highly toxic and can reach unhealthy levels quickly from even the most minor release episodes.

Gerken Environmental has invested in state of the art equipment and personnel training in order to provide our clients with a turn key flooring remediation services for projects large and small. Our highly experienced staff of experts always puts safety first and get the job done right without clients having to worry about shortsighted work or extended delays.

Lets us help you in identifying mercury containing materials, providing you with a custom remediation plan and costing proposal for the safe removal and disposal of mercury materials ahead of your next flooring replacement project. Exposure to mercury in all forms is dangerous and can even be lethal. Call us today for a quote and we will begin working on your mercury solution.