Gerken Environmental entered the Demolition Industry in 2001 with the purpose of providing our clients with a turn key project ready for renovation. Sense then, Gerken Environmental has completed hundreds of demolition projects ranging from small scale residential "guts" prior to renovation to large scale medical center demolition operations.

Our veteran staff of trained demolition experts know safety and precision go hand in hand. If your project needs it, we have the ability to provide clients with multiple crews for hand demolition activities. Each crew member valuing an eye for quality work at an efficient pace.

Gerken Environmental is able to provide services included but not limited to:

  • Environmental Remediation Solutions
  • Interior Demolition Projects
  • Precision Site Building Demolition

Our years of experience allows your general contractor to proceed with renovation activities with the understanding and confidence that all areas impacted by the renovation have been cleaned of environmental hazards, former building materials, and demolition debris.

Specializing in historic restoration projects, but willing to take on demolition projects large or small Gerken Environmental would love to hear from you during the planning of your next renovation or demolition project. Call us today for a quote and let us begin working on your custom solution.